Love the Philly penitentiary photos from your website. Great job!! Jennifer
''What wonderful pictures! Bar none, the best images I have seen all season.'' Mr. Becker
There is an old cliche' that says, ''a picture is worth a thousand words''. As the head football coach of the Calvert Football program I have to disagree. I can speak first hand that you can't put a value on Mrs. Debbie McIntosh's talent and ability to capture our programs memories in her photographs. She has covered our program as our official sideline photographer for the past three years. Her creative renderings have been the focal point of our end of the year celebration. Out of a vast collection of pictures she picks her best images of our seniors and we present each senior a framed 8x10 photograph as a memory of their Calvert football career. Each time our seniors see those framed photos or when the rest of our program and fan base sees the images on our web site they are all instantaneously taken back. The joy in that moment has been captured and there are no words that can express how much that means to all of us. Thank you Debbie McIntosh and God Bless! Rick Sneade

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