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Viewing Images

McIntosh Images has  both public and private galleries.  Public galleries contain images of general interest and are available for viewing and purchase through the Galleries menu.  Most event images are located in private galleries and accessible with a unique login and password.  If you have an account or received a login and password from your coach or host, sign in to view your galler(ies).  The "Sign in" icon (looks like a house) and is found on the link bar on the right-hand center portion of the screen.  After signing in, the "private" icon (looks like a key) will appear in the same location .  NOTE:  If you are using a mobile device this icon is located at the top of your screen and looks like a lock and key.  Click (or tap) this icon to view your private galleries.

If you are new to our site and do not have a login and password or would simply prefer your own personal account, click "Sign in" and use the "Register" section to create your account.  In the comments section of the registration form, notate the specific event or team Folder or Gallery.

Navigating Pictures in a Gallery

You can use the slideshow buttons to move through any page within a gallery.  To pick and choose which images you view, simply click on an image thumbnail and the image will appear to the right in the picture preview window.  To look at an image, full screen, click on the image in the picture preview window.

Saving Favorites

Looking at images from multiple galleries?  Save them as a favorite.  You can then look at all your favorites at one time without having to move between galleries. To create a favorite, select the image and click Favorites in the upper right-hand corner of the picture preview window.  To view all your favorites, click the "Favorites" icon (looks like a heart) on the right-hand center portion of the screen near the Cart and Sign in icons.  Your favorites will appear at the bottom of the screen.  If you are using a login and password shared with other team members they will have the ability to add or remove images in the favorites window.  

Searching for Pictures

Searching can be performed from the Home Page as well as from within any public gallery. (most galleries are private and do not have the search feature enabled.) If you must sign in to view your pictures, your gallery is a private gallery. To search a public gallery click the "Search" icon (looks like a magnifying glass) found on the link bar on the right-hand center portion of the screen.  Enter a keyword in the search box.  

Purchasing Images

Images can be purchased through the website using Pay Pal.  To purchase an image, select the image and click Buy Now. (located in the upper right hand corner of the image preview screen.)  You will see a list of print sizes and costs.  When you have completed your shopping, view your cart and proceed to checkout.  At checkout, shipping and handling charges are calculated and you are presented with a total.  See the special section on Shipping Charges.  To purchase images with a check or cash, please use the contact us form to set up special purchasing arrangements.

Downloading Images

This new feature allows you to purchase a view only version of an image.  These images will view from any PC, laptop or mobile device.  You can purchase the view only version through the website.  Once your order is received, you will receive an email with a download key.  Login to your account, click the "Download" icon on the right-hand center portion of the screen and enter the key provided.  

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